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Thursday, June 25th, 2020
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Today Secretary of State Kim Wyman released a bipartisan list of over 50 current and former election officials who are endorsing her for re-election.

“I am honored to have the broad support of Democratic, Republican, and independent election officials from across Washington,” said Wyman. “Earning the endorsement of the people who have conducted elections and know the office the best – secretaries of state, county auditors, and state election directors, is one of my proudest accomplishments.”

These endorsements include all three former Secretaries of State Sam Reed, Ralph Munro, and Bruce Chapman as well as former Oregon Secretary of State Phil Keisling, Democrat. Together they have a combined 44 years of experience leading statewide election offices.

“Our state can be proud that Kim Wyman is the leading Secretary of State in the nation. Other states call her for help, advice and her unparalleled knowledge. I admire her focus on continually improving voters’ access to the elections system while also maintaining security, accuracy, transparency and accountability,” said former Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed (R).

"Kim Wyman has marshaled Washington State’s election community through incredible challenges and changes. As our Secretary of State, Kim delivers stability, decisive action, and results. Kim’s entire focus is on all voters. She’s dedicated her entire career to ensure maximum participation with the highest security. Kim’s committed to maintaining and continuously improving democratic structures that everyone can access, understand, and trust,” said Pierce County Auditor Julie Anderson (nonpartisan).

The full list of endorsements from current and former elections administrators is below:


Former Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed (R)

Former Washington Secretary of State Ralph Munro (R)

Former Washington Secretary of State Bruce Chapman (R)

Former Oregon Secretary of State Phil Keisling (D)

Adams County Auditor Heidi Hunt (R)

Asotin County Auditor Darla McKay (NP)

Benton County Auditor Brenda Chilton (R)

Chelan County Auditor Skip Moore (R)

Clallam County Auditor Shoona Riggs (NP)

Clark County Auditor Greg Kimsey (R)

Columbia County Auditor Anne Higgins (R)

Cowlitz County Auditor Carolyn Fundingsland (I)

Douglas County Auditor Thad Duvall (D)

Franklin County Auditor Matt Beaton (R)

Grant County Auditor Michele Jaderlund (R)

Grays harbor County Auditor Joseph MacLean (R)

Island County Auditor Sheilah Crider (R)

Kittitas County Auditor Jerry Pettit (D)

Klickitat County Auditor Brenda Sorensen (R)

Lewis County Auditor Larry Grove (R)

Pend Oreille County Auditor Marianne Nichols (R)

Pierce County Auditor Julie Anderson (NP)

Skamania County Auditor Robert Waymire (R)

Spokane County Auditor Vicky Dalton (D)

Wahkiakum County Auditor Maria Bergseng (I)

Walla Walla County Auditor Karen Martin (R)

Yakima County Auditor Charles Ross (R)

Former Chelan County Auditor Evelyn Arnold (R)

Former Chelan County Auditor Ken Housden (R)

Former Clallam County Auditor Patty Rosand (I)

Former Columbia County Auditor Sharon Richer (R)

Former Cowlitz County Auditor Kris Swanson (D)

Former Garfield County Auditor Donna Deal (D)

Former Grays Harbor County Auditor Vern Spatz (D)

Former King County Manager of Records and Elections Jane Hague (NP)

Former Lewis County Auditor Gary Zandell (R)

Former Okanogan County Auditor Laurie Thomas (R)

Former Pend Oreille County Auditor Carla Heckford (R)

Former Pierce County Auditor Brian Sonntag (D)

Former San Juan County Elections Director Sandy Baxter (NP)

Former Skagit County Auditor Jeanne Youngquist (D)

Former Snohomish County Auditor Carolyn Weikel (NP)

Former Snohomish County Auditor Bob Terwilliger (NP)

Former Stevens County Auditor Tim Gray (D)

Former Thurston County Auditor Gary Alexander (R)

Former Wahkiakum County Auditor Diane Tischer (D)

Former Whatcom County Auditor Shirley Forsolf (NP)

Former Whitman County Auditor Eunice Coker (R)

Former Yakima County Auditor Corky Mattingly (D)

Former Washington State Elections Director Katie Blinn (NP)

Former Washington State Elections Director Nick Handy (NP)

Former Washington State Deputy Elections Director John Pearson (NP)

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