My Job as Your Secretary of State

Sec. Wyman stamping the state seal with a young visitor.When you think of the Secretary of State’s Office, elections usually come to mind. Elections are no doubt a critical part of the job and one of my areas of expertise as former Thurston County Auditor and Elections Manager as well as a state and nationally certified elections administrator.

But the Secretary of State’s Office does so much more. For example, I oversee the State Corporations and Charities Division, the Washington State Library, Washington Talking Book and Braille Library and State Archives. These divisions provide important services and opportunities to Washington residents across our state.

I also lead special programs, including: the Address Confidentiality Program, which protects survivors of domestic violence and stalking; the Combined Fund Drive, which includes charitable giving by public employees; and Legacy Washington, which includes history programs and special exhibits that tell our state’s stories. I encourage you to learn more about these programs.

In all, I lead more than 250 public employees in the Secretary of State’s Office. We are dedicated to strengthening the integrity of our elections, promoting civic engagement and connecting people with state government.

  • Carrie Wack
    published this page 2016-05-19 14:35:49 -0700