Nationally, Current and Former Democratic and Republican Election Leaders Support Kim Wyman

As current and former Democratic and Republican Secretaries of State, we know the importance of inspiring confidence in one’s electorate. While political tides have moved politicians to politicize elections, Secretary of State Kim Wyman has stayed steadfast in her convictions to lead impartially for all voters—making it easy for all of us to support her.

Secretary Wyman has not only helped make Washington State a national leader in election security, innovation, turnout, and registration, she has become known and respected across the country for bridging the divide and working with her colleagues across the country to make sure that all eligible voters have access to safe elections.

Election officials are some of the most dedicated and competitive public servants, yet we can recognize accomplishments when we see them. From being a founding member of the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), which improves the accuracy of voter rolls and increases access to voter registration for all eligible voters, to receiving the U.S. Election Assistance Commission Clearinghouse Award for Innovations in Elections and Accessibility for Voters with Disabilities, Secretary Wyman is a leader we can all look up to.

Even in recent times of uncertainty, Secretary Wyman has not only stepped up to the challenge to lead, she has provided true wisdom and guidance to our nation’s election officials on the mail-in system that she has helped build from the ground up. No matter the challenges that come before her, she has always been willing to put elections and voters above partisan politics. Washingtonians everywhere should be proud to have Kim Wyman as their Secretary of State.

It is for all these reasons, and more, that voters in Washington should return Kim Wyman to another term as Secretary of State this November—take it from election officials like us, she is one of the best.

Signatures of the Secretaries of State who support Kim Wyman

Jocelyn Benson, Michigan Secretary of State (D)
Barbara Cegavske, Nevada Secretary of State (R)
Phil Keisling, Former Oregon Secretary of State (D)
Sam Reed, Former Washington Secretary of State (R)

  • Jon Cantalini
    published this page in News 2020-10-15 14:13:02 -0700