Secretary of State Kim Wyman Corrects Record on Presidential Primary

May 5, 2016

For Immediate Release

Olympia, WA – Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman wants voters’ voices to be heard in Washington’s Presidential Primary.

“My opponent’s call to cancel the May 24 Presidential Primary underscores her lack of experience conducting elections and her limited understanding of the job of the Secretary of State,” said Wyman. “Most distressing, her call for cancellation speaks poorly to how much she values voter participation.”

“All Washington citizens deserve to have the opportunity to have their voices heard when it comes to choosing our next President,” Wyman added. “Canceling the Presidential Primary this week would not save significant tax dollars, as most costs have already been incurred by the counties and state.”

Printing and mailing of ballots and the voter pamphlet have already taken place. Voting in the Presidential Primary Election began in April, with the mailing of 65,000 military and overseas ballots. Most of the state’s 4.1 million voters will receive their ballots by today, with all ballots being mailed by Friday, May 6. The Presidential Primary is mandated by state law and would require a court order or action by the legislature to be cancelled. “It is disappointing that my opponent did not attempt to recognize this before she called for the election to be cancelled,” stated Wyman.

Washington could have held a Presidential Primary on March 8, if the State Democratic Party leaders hadn’t blocked the date change Secretary Wyman proposed last year. Every Washington voter’s voice would have been heard and each vote would have been more relevant to the nominating process.