Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman wants to expose presidential candidates to local issues via a regional primary among Western states.

March 9, 2016

"Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman wants to duplicate Kemp’s achievement, even invoking the spirit of a Pac-12 primary. She tried last year to move up the state’s primary date, but Democrats balked for their own internal interests.

Wyman wants Washington to join with Oregon and California, Alaska, Hawaii, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, and perhaps Nevada and Utah, to help put regional issues before presidential candidates. That is a strong, compelling argument, and the political dynamic does not require that full list of states.

The National Association of Secretaries of State supports another wrinkle: rotating regional primaries. Change the order of the presidential primaries every four years so each region has a turn being first.

Wyman’s interest in a regional primary to help educate candidates to local issues makes pragmatic sense. Her argument is bolstered by the political yardage gained by the SEC."