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    Opinion: I’m the Republican secretary of state in Washington — and I believe voting by mail works

    Secretary of State Kim Wyman writes about Washington's experience with Voting By Mail and how it is proven to be an accessible and secure way to vote. More HERE.
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    For Immediate Release Tuesday, August 4th, 2020Contact: Jon   KIM WYMAN RESPONDS TO PRIMARY ELECTION NIGHT RESULTS Kim Wyman released the following statement about tonight’s Primary Election Results showing her holding more than 50% of the vote in a four-candidate field. “While there are still many ballots left to count, I am incredibly humbled by the support and response from voters tonight. With our state’s accessible and secure elections system, voters were able to safely cast their votes while on the verge of shattering our 2016 turnout in the process. Washington’s elections lead the rest of the country in accessibility and security and that is what I will be celebrating tonight.” These results come after months of Secretary Wyman’s leadership in continuing Washington’s safe, secure, and accurate elections during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the assistance she has offered other states. National media has recognized Secretary Wyman’s work. The LA Times noted recently that “Wyman, known nationally as an expert on mail voting, became a go-to resource for election officials scrambling to adapt.” “As the pandemic rages on and some in her party attack mail voting, Wyman has become a vocal supporter of the system in interviews, opinion pieces and as co-chair of the circle of advisors for the National Vote at Home Institute.”  ###
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